AS 1.1 Mechanics Workbook

Our aim with this firsBook covert book in the series is provide you, the student, with hard copy write-on notes and questions to support the on-line material so that you get access to the best of both worlds.

The topics covered include:
Motion and Distance, Motion and Speed, Motion and Acceleration, Motion-Time Graphs, Mass and Weight,     Balanced and Unbalanced Forces, Kinetic and Gravitational Potential Energies, Work and Energy, Pressure.

As a students you can now
1.    Read and highlight the detailed learning notes from the site now in hard copy format
2.    Go on line and use the eLivewire Learning programme to practice your knowledge and understanding of this material with Achieved-Only versions of each module to gain success and confidence
3.    Get instant feedback from the hundreds of online questions + explanations to accelerate your learning
4.    Re-sit modules to improve your score out of 10 and 'working at' level
5.    Answer scaffolded Merit and Excellence questions in the booklet then refer to the back of the book for the answers.
6.    Challenge yourself again on eLivewire with further practice
7.    Track your record of learning and your place on the leader board (see our home page)
8.    Answer the NCEA style questions at the end of the chapter or book.
9.    Use the definitions modules to rehearse key terms.
10.  Review this resource again for your exams.

We hope that this resource will motivate and equip you to succeed in this subject.

Price: $17.95